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Crafting is a special feature in Dark Summoner. With the Crafting feature players can craft special items, called Relica,which boost the player`s formation stats and gives other bonuses.


Relica are special items that can be crafted when the players reach certain level. There are total of five relicas - Necklace, Bracelet, Armlet, Earring, and Ring. Each of these five relicas require certain level to be unlocked. Necklace requires level 40,Bracelet level 60,Armlet level 80,Earring level 100 and Ring level 120. Relicas can be crafted with Magic Crystals. Relica come in 5 rarities: White (Quartz), Green (Emerald), Blue (Sapphire), Purple (Amethyst), Orange (Gold).

See Types of Relica[]

Relica Bonuses[]

Relicas give two types of bonuses

The first type is flat or % bonus to the player`s formation stats (ATK,DEF,HP,ACC,DGE,AGI) or flat/% reduction to the opponent formation stats.

The second type of bonuses include % bonus gold acquired when defeating enemy players or % chance to negate enemy <skill> (Decrease Enemy Attack,Agility up etc). When crafted,relica gives random First type bonus and has a chance of getting a random Second type bonus(necklace,armlet and gauntlet, gauntlet gives % reduction to winged monster stats).Relica bonuses are activated in the beginning of a battle before the application of monster skills.

Magic Crystals and Relica Crystals[]

Relica is crafted using special resource called Magic Crystals. These can be acquired by battling,salvaging or through events.Each craft requires certain amount of Magic Crystals (10/20/30/40/50). Using more Crystals gives a higher chance of crafting relica with better stats. When used,one of the five relicas is crafted with random bonuses,however if a player does not match the level requirement for one of the relica types,that type of relica will not be available to craft (e.g. if a player is level 80,then only necklace,bracelet or armlet will be crafted). Relica crystals-relica crystals are acquired through events. There are five types of relica crystals corresponding to the five types of relica:

  • Necklace Crystal
  • Bracelet Crystal
  • Armlet Crystal
  • Earring Crystal
  • Ring Crystal

These crystals can be used during crafting to give a 100% chance of crafting the corresponding type of relica(e.g. Ring Crystal->Ring etc).


If a player does not find the relica useful,they can salvage it,destroying the relica in the process and returning 10% of the crystals used to craft it(if 50 crystals are used-5,if 10 crystals are used-1).