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Dark Lords are powerful unique monsters obtainable from Raids.

Raids can be done only after the corresponding loot set is completed. Loot sets consist of six collectable items, and all six must be collected in order to begin a Raid. Collectable Loot items are featured in the regular missions. Each area may have up to three Loot items; however, some areas may have none at all.

Players are required to at least one of each of the six items in order to complete a set. Raids do not have to be completed in order, but the order below (as well as the order in game) is the order in which the Collectable Loot will appear, and is the supposed order in which sets should be completed, as said order determines the raid bosses' strength.

The first  completion of a Raid will always reward the player with the Dark Lord Monster. Each subsequent Raid will result in a random reward of one of three possible: Gold (10,000 to 30,000), a Free Rank B Summon, or the actual Dark Lord.

Dark Lord Monsters are all Rarity Rank A, and may be evolved into a Rarity Rank A+. However, these monsters all have a relatively low BP cost, and are by no means considered elites. They are mainly used as fillers in parties for combos, or for use by new players.

Including 5 Dark Lords in a formation activates the Legendary Combo, providing a 10% HP bonus.

Raid # Dark Lord Est. HP Guild Species
1 Lord of Massacre 500k Psycho Demon
2 Lord of Void 500k Covert Demon
3 Lord of Gluttony 500k Impulse Demon
4 Pure Dark Embodiment 2m Impulse Brute
5 Sky Navy Slayer 3m Covert Beast
6 Pure Light Embodiment 3.5m Psycho Brute
7 Lord of Sloth 5m Psycho Demon
8 Creep Lord 4.2m Covert Beast
9 Lord of Rage 4.8m Impulse Brute
10 Lord of Faith 5.2m Impulse Demon
11 Dragonlord of Hellfire 10m Covert Wyrm
12 Lord of Oppression Psycho Brute
13 Silvery Goddess Queen Psycho Brute
14 Lord of Blight Covert Creation
15 Lord of Deception Impulse Brute
16 Hellgate Knight Bardas Impulse Undead
17 Weaver of Abyss Creep Covert Crawler
18 Sky Savior Colossus Psycho Creation
19 Fortress Engine Psycho Creation
20 Arthro Master Dasha Covert Crawler
21 Dragon Devour Zombie Impulse Undead
22 Adept Devil Impulse Demon
23 Bull Demon Covert Demon
24 Apopisu of Chaos psycho Wyrm
25 Stone Aplastar Psycho Creation
26 Sky Giant Kabuto Covert Crawler
27 Tesso Mus 72m Impulse Beast
28 Zombie of the Abyss 72m Impulse Undead
29 Ravaging Tobio 72m Covert Beast
30 Taweret 72m Psycho Demon
31 Lighteater Impulse Demon

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