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Game Terms, or player Slang is generally used in Trade or as shorthand to communicate to other players. If you're unfamiliar with these terms it can be quite difficult to communicate with the more experienced players. As such below should give you a general idea what each shorthand means.


  • G/GP - Gold , used for Evolution, Auctions, Raising your Clan level and more.
  • EP -  Energy Potion, Restores Energy which is used to Quest or Raid
  • BP - Battle Potion, Restores Battle Points .
  • Lvl - Level, the level of a Skill, your player level, clan level, or the level of a monster.
  • XP - Experience points, gained while doing a mission. Also your monster gain XP while sacrificing.
  • SP -  Skill Point, 3 points awarded for gaining a player level, or 5 points for adding an ally.
  • WTB - Want To Buy
  • WTS - Want To Sell
  • LF - Looking For
  • WL=TL - Wishlist equals Tradelist

Popular Monsters[]

Skill Short Hand[]

Name Description
Agi Agility Up, Agility - determines which monster attacks first.
DeA Decrease Enemy Attack
DeD Decrease Enemy Defense
IPA Increase Party Attack
IPD Increase Party Defense 
  • Preemptive Strike : monster attacks before battle formally begins
  • Critical Rate Up : increases your teams chance for a critical hit  (CR, CRU, CRu, CU)
  • Slumbering Breath : puts random enemy monster to sleep for random number of turns, while asleep monster takes no action.
  • Health up: increases monsters total HP
  • Party Health Plus : *new increases entire teams health totals
  • Increase Dodge rate: increases the likelihood that your monsters will be missed by incoming attacks
  • Venomous Breath: causes damage to random monster, ?ignores defense stat?
  • Type down: species/guild monsters (impulse, beast, creation, demon, covert, etc) stats are reduced.

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