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Upon starting the game you can join one of the following three guilds. It cannot be changed later.

  • Sin - This is the guild who's lore is about doing what you want... demons as well.
  • Rancor - This is the guild who's lore is based on extreme police power and corruption - You would be the over-arching, violent police officer.
  • Tyrrany - This is the guild who's lore is about being crazy, and basically also doing what you want. I.e. "Psychotic".

Guild wars[]

There are no more guild wars. On the Battle screen you can attack any player who is not in your Clan and not on your Allies list, though it will be severely limited by being limited to whichever very few random players the game has given you a choice between for that battle (it can be refreshed to see different players, although). Sometimes there are "Melee Arena" events. During these events, the player with the most total points at the end of the Event will get a prize (as well as others in rank). The main effect of a Guild currently is by telling which kind of monsters you will see most often during random summons, as well as which type of monsters you will get when there is an Event Reward of a "guild-specific summon," or bonuses from Event Monsters which match your Guild.

Sin.jpg Sin.pngIMPULSE
The guild of Sin is affiliated with Impulse Monsters. These are mostly "great beasts", dragons, etc. The Sin guild focuses most on Attack.
Rancor.jpg Rancor.pngCOVERT
The guild of Rancor is affiliated with Covert Monsters. These are mostly creatures which look like "demons from the depths". The Covert guild focuses mostly on Health.
Tyranny.jpg Tyranny.pngPSYCHO
The guild of Tyranny is affiliated with Psycho Monsters. These are mostly pretty females. The Tyranny guild focuses mostly on Defense.

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