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In Clan League, Clans control Sentinels in real time and battle it out for ultimate supremacy.

Clan League formations can be set via the Clan League menu. Access the Clan League menu by tapping the red orb next to your clan name.

Formation Leader[]

The HP, ATK, and DEF of the monster in the Leader slot are doubled. If you bare an emissary, the appearance of the sentinels part you represent will change based on the species of your Leader Monster.

Monsters in HP, ATK, and DEF slots[]

At least three monsters are placed in each slot. Total HP will be the total combined HP of all monters in the HP slot. (Plus x2 the HP of the Formation Leader) The same holds true for the ATK and DEF slot.


  • You can access the Sacrifice Screen directly from the League Formation screen
  • Only the leader of the Clan Formation will be locked into Formation
  • Other units will appear in the sacrifice, trade, and sell lists
  • Emissaries are determined 1hr before a combat begins


In the withdrawal setting, you will be able to select which bouts you are to participate in. If you are an emissarya nd choose to withdraw from a bout, a reserve will automatically be moved up to take your place. Once you change your withdrawal setting it will be reflected every day.

If you have fewer than five emissaries in your clan and you choose to withdraw from a bout, your formation will still be used as an Emissary but in Auto Play. Withdrawal settings cannot be changed the hour before  a battle begins.

Emissaries and Reserves[]

Emissaries and Reserves are determined 1hr before combat begins based on their Combat Power. Emissaries are the 5 Clan members with the highest Combat Power. The remaining Clan members are Reserves.