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Monsters are the main force in this game, they are used for attacking and defending. Summoning and Missions will be your main source of finding new monsters, but certainly not the only ones.


There are several different properties that define a monster. Below is a list of them with a brief description of each one.


The Guild is a general class of monster including Impulse, Covert, Psycho, and Cypher. It is a property used in the formation of combos and as the target of skills. While the guild does not directly affect stats the three primary guilds are each generally strong in a respective stat; Impulse with Attack, Covert with Health, and Psycho with Defense. Cypher can be used to complete a combo using the other 3 and does not have a notable sway in stats and is not currently a target classification of any skill.


A letter describing the general strength and rarity of a monster. Each has a different maximum level.

Rank Max Level
C 20
C+ 30
B 40
B+ 50
A 60
A+ 70
AA 100
AA+ 150
AAA 200


EX 1 30
EX 2 70
EX 3 120
Ex 4 180
S 300
S+ 350
G 400


A 5 digit number* used to uniquely identify a monster. It is functionally broken up into 3 parts like so: "RGMMM" Where R, G, and MMM are identifiers of the Rank Guild and Monster.

Rank ID Guild ID
C 0 Impulse 0
C+ 1 Covert 3
B 2 Psycho 6
B+ 3 Cypher 9
A 4
A+ 5
AA 6
AA+ 7
AAA+ 9
S 10
S+ 11
G 12

*Since leading zeros tend to be removed, you may not see the full 5 digits when the rank or guild ID are 0

Example: Given a monster ID of 49002 we know that we are looking for Rank 4 (A), Guild 9 (Cypher), Monster 2 All together it points us to Curse Queen, Dahlia.


Simply what the monster is called. There is no strategic use of this property. Unlike other properties, repetition of monsters with the same name/ID will disqualify you from combos rather that build them.


The ability to deal damage in combat.


The ability to reduce damage taken in combat.


The threshold of damage to receive before a monster falls.


The cost of using a monster. You may only place monsters in a formation if their net BP cost is less than your max. When attacking, the net BP cost of your formation is subtracted from your current BP.


A physical description of monsters. Includes Beast, Brute, Crawler, Creation, Demon, Mystic, Undead and Wyrm. These are used for combos and for skill targeting.


One of various effects used in combat. Can be used to build combos but many skills will only be used once even if multiple monsters are using it.

Special Properties[]

A miscellaneous trait used for combos. Currently only contains Dark Lord and Winged.

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