The cost in gold to level a monster depends on the monsters level and the quantity of monsters that will be sacrified. There is a simple formula which can be used to determine how much gold will it take to level up a monster.

Sacrificing 1 Monster

(Monster Level + 1) x 100

Example: Level 1 monster and sacrificing 1 monster

(1+1) * 100 = 200 <--Initial Cost

Sacrificing 2 Monsters

((Initial Cost) + ((Initial Cost) - ((Initial Cost) x .1))

Example: Level 1 Monster and sacrificing 2 monsters

((200) + ((200-(200 x .1)) = 380

Sacrificing 10 Monsters If you are going to sacrifice 10 monsters then..

Initial Cost x 5.5 = Total Cost

Level 1 with 10 Monsters

200 x 5.5 = 1100


EXAMPLE USING EXCEL (Simply Copy and Paste into EXCEL) Assumes that Monster Level = Cell A1

After pasting, simply type into A2 the level of your current monster and C11 will show you total cost to scarifice 10 monsters!

Monster Level # Monsters To Sac Cost Less Per Monster Cost
1 1 =SUM(A2+1)*100
2 =SUM(C2+D3) =SUM($C$2-($C$2*0.1))
3 =SUM(C3+D4) =SUM(D3-($C$2*0.1))
4 =SUM(C4+D5) =SUM(D4-($C$2*0.1))
5 =SUM(C5+D6) =SUM(D5-($C$2*0.1))
6 =SUM(C6+D7) =SUM(D6-($C$2*0.1))
7 =SUM(C7+D8) =SUM(D7-($C$2*0.1))
8 =SUM(C8+D9) =SUM(D8-($C$2*0.1))
9 =SUM(C9+D10) =SUM(D9-($C$2*0.1))
10 =SUM(C10+D11) =SUM(D10-($C$2*0.1))

Simplified form

To caclulate cost in one line the following equation can also be used.

-5 * (Monster Level + 1) x (Number of Sacrifices - 21) x (Number of Sacrifices)

Level cap

The level cap of a creature is dependant on their rank as follows:

Rank Max Level
C 20
C+ 30
B 40
B+ 50
A 60
A+ 70
AA 100
AA+ 150
AAA 200
AAA+ 300
S 300
S+ 350
G 400
EX 1 30
EX 2 70
EX 3 120
EX 4 180

XP vs BP

The short answer is that higher BP monsters give more XP when sacrificed. However, the effect is rather small. You can test this by sacrificing monsters of varying BP to lvl 1 monsters. The result will be a level 2 monster with a partially filled XP bar. That bar will vary by a few pixels, depending on what was sacrificed.

Number matters more. Three 1BP monsters will grant more XP than one 20BP monster.

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