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Raids are special battle missions that occur after summoning a Dark Lord using a Dark Lord Crystal. If defeated, the Dark Lord will be added to your inventory as a usable monster. While one can Raid a Dark Lord mission as many times as desired, it should be noted that a Dark Lord will only be received as a reward for certain upon its first defeat. Afterwards gold, ally points, or a Rank A/B summon will make regular appearances as rewards, and the chance of receiving the Lord once more are slim.


During a Raid, allies are crucial. Dark Lords have a large number of Hit Points (HP) and most players will be unable to defeat them without several allies to add to their strength. When attacking a Dark Lord during a Raid, one attacks with the combined Attack Power of one's party and all of his/her allies, making strong allies very desirable. It is recommended that Energy Potions be available before starting a Raid, as only a few hours are available to complete it before it ends. Also note that each new Dark Lord can be significantly tougher than the previous one. It is thus recommended to keep an eye on whether allies are active, keeping up in level and Attack Power, as weak allies be a severe handicap in later Dark Lord Raids.

How to Get Dark Lord Crystals[]

During some regular missions, the third (rarest) drop slot will sometimes yield a piece of Collectible Loot . There are six total pieces of Loot for each Dark Lord, and when all are collected, they may exchanged for the corresponding Dark Lord Crystal. The said Crystal can then be used from the Raid screen to begin the Raid.


1 point of attack power is equivalent to 1 damage per attack; energy costs per attack progress upwards as one moves up the raid lord chain. It is hard to tell, but Raid Lords may have defense (generally small amounts), please take this into account as this will decrease damage done.

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