Dark Summoner Wiki
Dark Summoner Wiki

Dark summoner wiki to-do list.

Site maintenance[]

  • Clean up all the player id recruitment, and guild recruitment spam. (mostly done)
  • Wikify more pages.
  • Implement Category Tree.
    • Add categories to images.
    • Add categories to categories.
  • Expand Combo page,. split off the combo lists to 4 sub pages,. 5xAA, 5xA, 4xAA, 4xA
  • Research option to split monster data-table info to minatk/maxatk, etc.
  • Delete unused monster images (leftovers from the name -> id conversion).
  • Expand Game Terms into a table.
  • Mission data needs expanding. Anyone at high levels have it available?
    • Also mission images to individual mission pages. & redesign those...
  • Convert User:Zurgat/Skills to Skills. For more complete info.
    • Add whether skills are "always on", or single shot.

Monster pages individual[]

  • Add monster source to individual monster pages. (e.g. event rares, or common summon) - Cant be done automatically.

Parser effects[]

  • Discover Artist ID and attach it to the output of the auto parser.